Compensation for string length changes


  • Drill stem testing
  • Stimulations
  • Tubing-conveyed perforating
  • Fracking operations


  • 2.5’ (3140BA) or 5’ (3140CA) of travel per Slip Joint
  • Pressure balanced for pressure testing and stimulation
  • Transmits torque

Slip Joints are used during operations when the down hole temperature and pressure change, resulting in a change in the string length. The Slip Joint accommodates this change in length so that surface equipment and packers are not exposed to excessive forces. If required, multiple Slip Joints may be use for increased travel. Equipped with a splined moving mandrel, torque can be transmitted through the tool. The tool is hydraulically balanced and is insensitive to tubing pressure.

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Competitor Comparable Tools

Competitor/Tool Name Model
Schlumberger 5": SLPJ-F
Schlumberger Slim: SLPJ-G
Halliburton Round Mandrel Slip Joint
Expro Slip Joint SLPJ