• Drill stem testing
  • Coil tubing operations
  • Well kill operations
  • Wireline operations


  • Held open by surface-applied hydraulic power unit, fail-closed ball
  • Nitrogen charge chamber to increase closing speed
  • Balance line for applying additional closing/cutting force
  • Chemical injection, above or below ball (optional)
  • Capable of cutting wireline and coiled tubing

The BOP Safety Valve is a fail-safe sub-surface barrier. It rapidly closes the test string in an emergency. The Safety Valve is held in the BOP so that when activated, the ball valve will seal off the string below. Meanwhile, pipe rams can be activated to seal off the annulus.

The Safety Valve is operated by two separate hydraulic lines, with the ball valve held in the closed position by a spring and nitrogen-charge assembly. A control line is pressurized to open the valve. Bleeding off this pressure causes the valve to close. Additional closing pressure can be added to the balance line to allow for cutting of coiled tubing or wireline in emergency situations. Chemical injection ports can be configured to allow for chemicals to be pumped either above or below the ball.

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