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Our Culture

While many companies develop downhole solutions in a lab, at Northstar our technology is designed by people who have extensive experience dealing directly with the reservoir issues your company faces.

Northstar’s product engineers spend countless hours in the field working with our clients. They don’t just stare at spreadsheets all day; they’ve seen firsthand the challenges oil and gas companies face and have designed, developed, and manufactured downhole technology to solve those problems. Technology that challenges the status quo to get you more out of your well, more efficiently.

For decades, tools have remained the same and we wanted to change that. After all, very few companies understand the logistical challenges of proving and maximizing reservoirs the way we do. This is what led us to develop our own innovative products, concept creation, downhole simulation, rigorous testing, and delivery. Our culture commitment is to continue challenging the status quo, constantly looking for ways to further maximize your well’s output.

You want more from your reservoir. We’ll make sure you get it.

We don’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done. That refusal to settle is how we became an industry leader in drillstem testing. Now we’re applying that same mentality that our clients have come to trust us for into developing field-proven downhole technology.
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