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Downhole Engineering

Solving the industry’s most challenging downhole problems

Northstar’s downhole tools and solutions are designed, developed, and supported by a dedicated, in-house team of professional engineers. We solve field-driven problems from start to finish, including conceptual design and analysis, prototyping, and validation testing. We certify our products to demanding industry standards at our test facility, using high-pressure,

high-temperature test programs in our HPHT deep well simulator. As an integrated product and service company, we leverage our own international footprint to prove our products in the field, and continually incorporate feedback from our clients and customers. Our goal is to quickly bring new products to market using a lean product development cycle.


To run a Northstar tool is to run a product that’s been built to exacting specifications, benefits from decades of engineering and service experience, and can be run again and again with certainty.

We’re experts in:

Notable new product lines include:

The Northstar Downhole Engineering Process

Material selection

Engineering analysis

Component testing


Validation testing

Quality control

Precise manufacturing

Field trials



Technical support

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