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Downhole Force Gauge

Accurate pressure and temperature measurements


The Tubing Force Gauge measures the compressive and tensile forces at specific locations within the tubing string by measuring and recording axial strain, temperature, and internal and external pressure. The pressure and temperature are valuable data on their own, but also required to calibrate the strain measurement to deliver an accurate force. The tool withstands 50g acceleration and records 10 million samples at 10 samples per second powered by 4 replaceable AA batteries. All data is easily downloaded by USB.

There are many factors affecting the net forces on down hole tools and within the tool string including buoyancy, temperature changes, tubing ballooning/collapse, hydraulic forces from tapered strings and tool piston effects, wellbore geometry (doglegs/deviations), casing/hole drag. Until now, assumptions were made to estimate the resulting force from these factors, as there was no way to measure and record down hole forces. Knowing the tubing/drill string forces lets you optimize your down hole configuration and operation for safety and efficiency.


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