Downhole Force Gauge

Houses four down hole gauges

downhole force gauge


The Gauge Carrier holds up to four or eight electronic memory pressure and temperature gauges depending on the model.

Each gauge can be ported to monitor either tubing or annulus pressure. Gauge Carriers are typically run above and below the test valve to measure the shut-in pressure, the fluid recovered, and to monitor the annulus. The external access of the gauges allows quick access to test data without dismantling the tool.


  • IconEasy to install and retrieve gauges
  • IconCan record Internal (tubing) or external (annulus) conditions with each gauge
  • IconUnrestricted flow
  • IconMultiple gauge types
  • IconGauges can be ported internally (tubing) or externally (annulus)


  • IconDrill stem testing
  • IconCompletions and production testing
  • IconLong term data monitoring
  • IconTubing-conveyed perforating

Competitor Comparable Tools

Competitor Tool / Tool Name Model
Schlumberger DGA Gauge Carrier DGA-C/D/HT/HP/U
Halliburton DynaString Gauge Carrier
Halliburton SG-15/SG-175 Gauge Carrier

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