EM Surface Read Out

em surface read out


The EM Surface Readout Tool records pressure and temperature data using high-accuracy down hole gauges, and transmits the information to surface using Continuous Wave Electromagnetic (CWEM) signals.

The receiver assembly at surface displays real time pressure, and temperature data, for immediate analysis and decision making during well testing operations. Down-link capability allows the operator to modify transmission parameters on the fly during operations without costly trip-time delays. Unlike traditional sonde based EM tools, the full bore design allows the EM SRO tools to be used in conjunction with through-tubing well servicing equipment.


  • IconTalk down capabilities
  • IconSleep mode for battery conservation
  • IconReal-time down hole data analysis
  • IconUnlimited depth range with addition of SRO repeaters
  • IconConcentric, unobstructed full bore design
  • IconTransmits in cased hole and open hole


  • IconDrill stem testing
  • IconPerforation
  • IconFracking
  • IconWell monitoring
  • IconStimulation

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