Dual-Shot Ball Valve

Two cycle ball valve

Dual Shot Ball Valve


The Dual Shot Ball Valve is an annular rupture disc controlled ball valve that can be set to have one or two individual ball cycles. The Dual Shot Ball Valve can be run in-hole in either the open or closed position.

In the single cycle configuration, the Dual Shot Ball Valve can be used as a tubing string pressure test valve, or as a safety shut in valve in HPHT wells where a secondary down hole barrier is required. The dual cycle configuration provides down hole test valve with one shut in cycle for a pressure build up, and the ability to re-open for an additional flow period or well kill procedures.


  • IconFast acting full bore ball valve
  • IconConfigurable to change the ball position once or twice down hole
  • IconRun in either the closed or open position
  • IconPrecise operating pressure utilizing rupture discs
  • IconOpens with high differential pressure across the ball
  • IconSimple operation
  • IconHolds pressure from above and below


  • IconReservoir testing: flow and shut-in / back-up safety valve
  • IconStimulations
  • IconCompletions
  • IconShoot and pull TCP
  • IconUnder-balanced TCP
  • IconDrill stem testing

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