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The Lubricator Valve (LV) is an integral barrier in the well testing string or subsea landing string that can be used to isolate an upper section of the string.

Consisting of a fail-as-is ball valve operated by hydraulic umbilical lines from surface, it can be used alone or in tandem with a second LV to deploy and pressure test long intervention strings.

The ball valve is operated by a hydraulic opening port and closing (balance) port that act on a balanced piston. Hydraulic fluid pumped into the opening or closing port returns to a surface control unit through the opposing port.

When closed, pump-through function across the ball is available to bullhead the well or equalize pressure across the ball. The pump-through function can be overridden using the close/balance line to permit pressure testing from above.

A cutter ball is available that can cut coiled tubing, slickline or wireline while closing.


  • IconChemical injection ports for injection above or below the ball through integral dual non-return valves
  • IconOptional auxiliary hydraulic ports through the valve body for downhole function
  • IconOptional end connections
  • IconOptional accessories available including ported slick joint, centralizer, lifting subs, pressure test caps and fittings


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