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M2 Tester Valve

Annulus pressure operated multi-cycle ball valve to control flows and shut-ins


The M2 Tester Valve is an annular pressure controlled, unlimited cycle, down hole Test Valve designed for use in HPHT environments. The tool features a lock open mechanism to safely run through tubing services including coiled tubing, wire line, and slick line.

The M2 Tester Valve can operate under extreme differential pressures, with minimal increase in operating pressure due to the internal bypass which equalizes pressure across the ball valve prior to cycling the tool to the open position. The M2 Tester Valve can be combined with the Boost Hydraulic Delay tool to allow a customized and precise desired operating pressure.



Competitor Comparable Tools

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HalliburtonLPR-N Tester Valve
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Expro Pressure Operated Tester ValvePOTV

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