Multi-Cycle Circulating Valve

Establish communication between the annulus and the tubing

multi cycle circulating valve


The Multi-Cycle Circulating Valve (MCCV) is a differential pressure operated Circulating Valve which offers unlimited open and closed cycles. Shear pins hold the tool in the closed position during the run-in-hole. Once on depth, applied pressure shears the pins, allowing the tool to cycle through forward circulating, reverse circulating and closed positions.


  • IconUnlimited opening and closing cycles
  • IconShear pins and indexing mechanism prevent inadvertent operation
  • IconIndependent forward and reverse flow positions


  • IconDrill stem testing
  • IconAcid and injection operations
  • IconFluid cushion displacement
  • IconReversing out recovered fluids

Competitor Comparable Tools

Competitor Tool / Tool Name Model
Schlumberger Multicycle Circulating Valve with Lock Module MCVL-EAA/EAB
Schlumberger Slim MCVL-GAA/GAB
Halliburton OMNI DT Circulating Valve
Expro Annulus-Operated Circulating and Test ExAct

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