Single Shot Circulating Valve

Circulates fluid out of the tubing after a test

single shot circulating valve


The Single Shot Circulating Valve is used to reverse circulate fluids out of the drill stem at the end of a test. When a pressure disc is ruptured, the applied annulus pressure from the burst moves the mandrel and allows fluid through the ports. As the mandrel moves, a snap ring engages to hold the mandrel and keep the tool in the circulating position.


  • IconSingle operation, permanent communicationbetween tubing and annulus
  • IconPrecise operating pressure utilizing rupturediscs
  • Icons • Operated with either annular or tubing pressure
  • Icon Snap ring locks valve opens after cycling


  • IconDrill stem testing
  • IconStimulation
  • Icon Well flow operations
  • Icon Fracking

Competitor Comparable Tools

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