Transmit high resolution pressure and temperature data


The EM SRO tool is capable of transmitting high resolution pressure and temperature data at fast data rates in real time during drill stem testing operations.

The EM SRO tool takes pressure and temperature data from a down hole gauge and transfers that information to surface using Continuous Wave Electromagnetic signals (CWEM). A receiver assembly is placed on surface near the well site to transmit the data to a computer on the rig for analysis and display. Settings can be modified in real time using talk down capability.

Talk down capability allows the operator to modify transmission parameters on the fly during operation without costly trip time delays. Sleep mode can be activated by using the talk down capability to conserve battery power for longer operations or to save battery power for more critical operations.

Unlike traditional sonde based EM tools, the fully concentric, unobstructed full bore design allows the EM SRO tool to be used in conjunction with coiled tubing, wire line, slick line and other operations. The material selection and mechanical design allows for operation within extremely hostile environments at high pressures, temperatures and concentrations of acids and H2S.

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  • Drill stem testing
  • Perforation
  • Stimulations
  • Fracking


  • Talk down capabilities
  • Sleep mode

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