Boost Hydraulic Delay

Boost Hydraulic Delay


The Boost Hydraulic Delay tool is an annular pressure controlled tool that is designed to provide a reference pressure to the Multi-Cycle Tester Valve. It is run with the M2 Tester Valve to trap a “boost” pressure in the nitrogen section to provide a closing force on the ball valve. Download Spec Sheet Inquire About Tool


  • Reduces required surface nitrogen pressure in Tester Valve
  • Suitable for all conditions: high hydrostatic pressure, H2S, acid, and heavy drilling fluids
  • Balanced with respect to tubing and annulus
  • Relieves trapped boost when tripping out for increased safety on surface
  • Adjustable boost pressure between 300 - 2,000 psi for shallow or deep wells
  • Configurable
  • Annular pressure operated


  • Down hole well control and testing operations when used with the M2 Tester Valve.
  • Drill stem testing

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