Single Phase Sampler

Single Phase Sampler


The Single Phase Sampler collects a representative reservoir fluid sample, and retains it in a single phase for transfer into transport bottles once recovered to surface. The Sampler is triggered by bursting a precision annular rupture disc. Once the reservoir fluids are collected in the 600cc sample chamber, the nitrogen acts on the fluid to ensure it maintains a single phase. Adding an additional sample chamber to the tool doubles the total sample collected to 1200 cc (2 x 600 cc). Download Spec Sheet Inquire About Tool


  • Able to maintain sample pressure up to 10,000 psi on surface
  • Annular pressure rupture disc activation
  • Onboard memory gauge measures pressureand temperature ensuring sample integrity(optional)
  • Concentric, unrestricted bore
  • Debris chamber removes contaminationprior to sampling
  • Inert sample chamber coating
  • Field serviceable
  • Single or dual sample configurations available


  • Drill stem testing
  • Reservoir Fluid sampling

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