Pressure test tubing while running in-hole


The Tubing Tester Valve (TTV) is an annular rupture disc controlled pressure test valve used to pressure test the tubing or drill string.

As the TTV is run-in-hole, the tubing will automatically fill as the flapper mechanism acts as a check valve. At any depth, the string can be pressure tested by applying tubing pressure. To lock open the TTV, annular pressure is applied rupturing a disc to shift the internal mandrel and hold open the flapper.

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  • Flapper-style check valve
  • Precise rupture disc activation
  • Debris cleared easily by reverse circulation
  • Full-bore once activated


  • Locked in place once activated
  • Withstands high differential across flap
  • No activation required before pressure testing
  • Auto-fill feature via tubing or annulus


  • Drill stem testing
  • Tubing integrity tests
  • Flex trips

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