Mobile Container Workshop

Compression-set retrievable service packer
Mobile Container Workshop


The Mobile Workshop is used for servicing tools at a rig site, or in remote service locations. It is equipped with enough spares to perform multiple tests without resupply, or the need to return equipment to base.

The mobile shop only requires power and water lines for complete function and operation. Standard equipment includes an overhead crane, pressure testing pump and fittings, nitrogen booster pump, tool storage racks, baker vice, and all necessary hand tools. The workshop is built into a 20’ or 40’ shipping container so that it can be easily transported to and from location using a flatbed truck, boat or helicopter.

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  • Extendable one ton chain hoist
  • Easy access to hand tools, spare parts & re-dress kits
  • Optional bunk house
  • Offshore / zone two explosion proof


  • Dual purpose office
  • Remote pressure testing
  • Secure nitrogen bottle rack
  • Electrical available

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