Radioactive Marker Sub

Radioactive Marker Sub


The Radioactive Marker Sub is a short joint of pipe designed to hold a radioactive “pip-tag” for accurately placing downhole tools and tubing conveyed perforating guns (TCP) on depth. After running in-hole using the driller’s depth, a gamma ray correlation device is run through tubing to detect the actual depth of the pip-tag. The final setting depth of the tools or TCP guns can be adjusted based on the actual depth reading versus the desired depth. Download Spec Sheet Inquire About Tool


  • Highly visible to logging tools that detect gamma rays
  • Radioactive marker securely held inside sub with set screws
  • Full opening
  • Guaranteed recovery of radioactive source


  • TCP depth correlation
  • TCP under-balancing
  • Depth correlation of down hole tools and TCP guns
  • TCP shoot and pull

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