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Mining and Mine Safety

Mine Safety

Safety is paramount in mining operations. Overlying water-bearing layers poses a major risk of mine flooding.

Mine Safety ​

Locating, isolating individual water legs, and obtaining an accurate permeability (k) and flow capacity (kh) is critical in quantifying and mitigating flooding risk.

Mine Safety ​
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Coring provides valuable data. Lab analysis of the core samples can provide the permeability of the rock matrix for the specific samples taken from selected locations within the water-bearing formation. However, the permeability and flow capacity of the water-bearing formation can only be determined through inflow and/or injection testing the entire formation. This is because permeability is not a rock property like porosity and hardness, but a network of fractures within the entire rock formation.

Mine Safety ​

Northstar Downhole Specialists isolate the entire water-bearing formation. Accurate downhole pressure gauges measure and record the injection, inflow and build-up pressure. Analysis of this data provides the true permeability of the entire formation. Wireless Surface Readout delivered though NorthstarLive! online software allows real-time monitoring of the operation from your home or office with live chat with Northstar specialists in the field.

Learn how we did exactly this for the world’s largest Potash Mining Operator.

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