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Oil and Gas Industry

Northstar's Oil and Gas Industry Advantage

Northstar has been helping clients unlock the full potential of oil and gas reservoirs since 1979. Our 40+ years of experience, along with our investment in innovative downhole solutions and technology, ensures our clients can prove reserves, lower finding costs, reduce risks, and maximize the output from their wells in the oil and gas industry.  

Downhole testing and well intervention serve as crucial tools for the oil and gas industry, helping to optimize production strategies, identify optimal well locations, design effective completions, allow for informed decisions regarding reservoir management and enhance the efficiency and profitability of oil and gas operations.  

Downhole Innovations

At Northstar, we are constantly evolving our services, solutions, and products, to meet our clients’ needs for faster, more reliable data, heightened safety practices, and improved efficiencies.  We are committed to delivering innovations that improve productivity and sustainability in different industries, including oil and gas, carbon capture, helium, and many more industries. 

Northstar is currently working on innovations in the following areas: 

Annular Isolation

A critical component of downhole testing relating to safety, data integrity, and overall test accuracy, Northstar currently has the highest-pressure retrievable bridge plug on the market. 


ODIN Retrievable Bridge Plug

V0-rated, medium expansion and highest-pressure retrievable bridge plug to get past restrictions and set and seal high pressure.

Flow Control

More specifically, isolating the tubing and controlling the flow from different zones within the well to improve data quality.  

M2 Tester Valve

M2 Tester Valve

Northstar's annular-pressure controlled, unlimited cycle, down hole M2 Test Valve is designed for use in HPHT environments.

Data Collection and Tool Control

Proper data collection and tool control is central to the success of downhole testing operations. Northstar maintains a robust offering of downhole gauges and sampling tools to ensure clients have access to the information they need to make cost-saving production decisions.  

4000AH Constellation Q150 Quartz Gauge

The first of its kind, the quartz gauge incorporates quartz transducer technology.

Northstar Live App 2.0

Provides users with real-time data from downhole tests. The chat features gives clients direct access to the engineering and support team at Northstar, improving efficiencies.

Tool Actuation

Tool actuation in downhole testing refers to the ability to remotely control and manipulate downhole testing tools, such as packers, valves, and gauges, from the surface or via programmed sequences. This capability offers several significant advantages, including operational efficiencies, improved safety, better data quality, advanced testing capabilities, and long-term monitoring, among others.  

The Problems We Solve and Some of the Organizations We Work With

New Age Ethiopia: Inefficiencies and incomplete information provided from Modular Formation Dynamics Tests in place of Drillstem Tests. MDTs deliver very limited data due to smaller test volumes and minimal reservoir fluid samples, making informed well exploration decisions difficult. Drillstem tests performed by Northstar measuring formation pressures, flow rates, volume and type of fluid using samples. 

Economic Viability of Wells

Husky Energy: Understanding the full scope of a new reservoir to ensure it will be economically viable for a heavy oil project requiring a significant capital investment. Using the Inflate Straddle solution, an Open Hole DST recovered essential data, characterizing Husky’s heavy oil reservoir and providing information to Husky’s engineers and managers to determine if a Cyclic Steam Simulation (CSS) project was feasible. 

Wild Cat Wells

Gulf Keystone Petroleum Ltd.: The client was drilling in an unproven region with limited well data and required early indications of formation potential and the relation between the wells to support future planning. Northstar completed nine DSTs using three different technologies, helping to prove 2 mega structures of 10 billion barrels of oil, identify an additional reservoir, and increase daily production in a secondary zone. 

Remote Mobilization

Onshore exploration is moving deeper into hard to access regions, where security and safety are growing concerns. Drillstem Testing services are often required on last-minute notice, and if the equipment is not onsite or needs to be serviced at the base, the client can experience substantial rig downtime costs. Northstar’s Self-Sufficient Mobile Setup is built into a 20’ or 40′ shipping container so that it can be easily transported to and from location using a flatbed truck, boat or helicopter.