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Inside Oil and Gas Magazine: Northstar

Northstar Downhole Specialists has been providing downhole solutions for over 40 years, helping clients unlock the full potential of their reservoirs, prove reserves, lower finding costs, reduce risk and maximize the output from their wells. In a continued effort to innovate and develop impactful solutions for the industry, Northstar has expanded into well intervention services and solutions. 

Northstar is focused on delivering the highest quality well intervention solutions and services, providing rigorously tested, advanced tools, such as the ODIN Bridge Plug and Tiny Acoustic Gizmo (TAG), a wireless transceiver used for barrier verification when run with the ODIN Bridge Plug. Northstar plans to continue expanding their product portfolio and developing different sizes of bridge plugs and packers to address industry needs.

Most recently, Northstar’s President, Keith and Vice President, Dave Sudlow, sat down with Inside Oil & Gas to discuss Northstar’s foray into well intervention, the process and challenges behind the development and validation of the ODIN RBP development, and the company’s newest tools. 
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