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Field-proven Downhole Tools

Northstar’s downhole products are designed and tested to the highest standards and proven in the harshest environments.  Northstar’s team of Canadian Professional Engineers (APEGA P.Eng) design most of our products, which are manufactured to precision in Canada. Every dimension is quality controlled in-house prior to assembly and acceptance testing in our deep well simulator. We retain full traceability from sourcing premium raw material until delivery and beyond, with future, compatible upgrades offered to all past customers. You get the downhole products our specialists operate around the world in the most demanding wells. Proven downhole technology straight to you.

Downhole Testing Tools

Northstar provides the best equipment for your downhole test. We provide both cased hole and open hole test tools. Conduct optimal cased hold test strings with our wide variety of tools designed to fit your needs in any environment. From surface valves to rotating control heads and sub-surface valves, we have it all. On the open hole side we offer packers, screens, pumps and hangers for your needs.

Downhole Measurement
& Sampling

Pin-point accurate and precise measurements. Northstar’s industry-leading gauges deliver high-resolution pressure measurements in every operating environment. The PBT Sampler can recover uncontaminated formation fluid samples at reservoir conditions. Meet all your measurement and sampling needs with Northstar’s tools.

& Plugs

Build your assembly from Northstar’s variety of packers that equalize hydrostatic pressure, deliver/remove mud to packer elements, and open hydraulic valves. See each spec sheet for more details on individual tools.

Surface Equipment &
Surface Controlled Downhole Test Tools

Check out our comprehensive surface equipment and surface-controlled downhole test tool options that get the job done.

Surface Readout

Northstar’s downhole telemetry system, or Surface Read Out (SRO), transmits high-resolution pressure and temperature data at fast data rates in real time during drill stem testing or other well test operations where live data is critical.

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Process Driven

Northstar's tools are professionally designed and engineered to exceed normal standards