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Live Data, Analysis, and Chat Support in One Place

Northstar Live 2.0 delivers a Northstar Downhole Specialist and live analysis to the palm of your hand when you need it most. Make real-time, money saving decisions to achieve your testing objectives.

Live Temperature, Pressure, Gas Flow, and Liquid Rate Data

Your dedicated dashboard displays time events across tests. You can toggle on and off different markers, including downhole temperature and pressure, liquid rates, and surface temperature and pressure.

Introduction to Northstar Live

Multiple Tests in One Convenient Location

Whether you’re performing 6 tests or 1, the Northstar Live 2.0 dashboard will include a summary tab and a tab for each test which displays live downhole test results.

Summary page for Northstar Live App

Live Chat Support

Communicate directly with Northstar’s downhole specialists in the field to get the support and information you need to make live decisions. During testing, the Northstar team will keep you apprised of their progress and any challenges that may arise so you know exactly what’s happening. The team is also available at any time to answer questions.

Live Analysis

Perform live analysis and even export data. You’ll be able to ensure you have all the data you need before terminating the test.

The data is delivered wirelessly to surface by our EM Wireless Surface Readout Tool

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