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Well intervention is inevitable. The Northstar team is here to make it efficient and cost effective with innovative well intervention solutions and tools. We’re focused on providing high-quality, rigorously tested tools for specific interventions. Our team of experienced professionals have developed a selection of validated technologies and solutions to ensure you achieve maximum productivity and longevity from your wells.  

Northstar’s Well Intervention Solutions Include:

  • V0 and v3 Well Barriers 
  • Wireless Barrier Verification (BVS) 
  • Custom solutions and applications

Well Intervention Tools

We have meticulously designed and tested a small collection of unparalleled and cutting-edge tools to address some of the most pressing needs of our clients. Our focus is depth not breadth, allowing us to excel in specific areas. From the wireless short-hop transceiver to the V0-rated ODIN bridge plug, each tool is designed to tackle unique intervention challenges. Northstar’s tools undergo rigorous testing, ensuring optimal performance and operational efficiency regardless of the environment. 

Well Intervention Tools Include: