At Northstar, the same engineers that work on the tools, design the tools.

We understand that the intimate knowledge of what happens in the field shouldn’t have to be translated to a different engineering team in a lab.

Buying Northstar Technology

When you buy Northstar technology you're getting downhole products developed by the same engineers that run the tools themselves. From design to manufacturing, prototype to testing, our downhole products meet the standards of the engineers who use them. We don’t think it’s a novel process and neither should you.

Since 1980 Northstar has always placed strong emphasis on developing innovate technology that adds value to our customer. Over these years of delivering proven technology, we have established strong engineering workflow that that is integrated into our ISO quality management system. All products that leave our technology centre in Calgary Canada are rigorously tested to prove the design in simulated down hole environments, our test facility capabilities include:

  • Recorder response
  • Test zone depth measurements
  • Tool string and configurations
  • Field comments and observations
  • Regulatory report submission

Ordering Products

When ordering products from us you can expect your products to be tested in accordance with:

  • The reference purchase order requirements and specification
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard
  • Northstar’s Engineering and Manufacturing Workflows
  • Specifications in the Assembly Drawing, where applicable
  • NACE MR-01-75 (ISO 15156-1) for flow-wetted and internally-wetted components
  • API Spec 7, ANSI/ASME B1.5 & B.1.8 (all latest editions), where applicable.

HP/HT Downhole Well Simulator

Northstar ensures that our equipment can handle the rigours of the industry with our comprehensive validation process:

  • 25,000 PSI Hydrotest
  • 220 C Temperature
  • 6,000 PSI N2 Gas
  • 2 x Annular & 2 x Tubing Inputs
  • Tension & Compression Applied Load

Professional Practise Management

Northstar follows the Guideline for Professional Practice Management Plan as outlined by The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

The objectives of the Company’s professional practice management program are:

  • To maintain high levels of technical competence and professionalism
  • To ensure a consistency of performance
  • To acquire additional skills and knowledge as required
  • To identify lines of professional responsibility and establish reporting procedures
  • To ensure compliance with all applicable standards and guidelines as well as with all regulatory, legal and contractual obligations

Northstar is committed to conducting its practice in accordance with the standards of ethical behaviour as described in APEGA’s Guideline for Ethical Practice. Ethical conduct shall be observed in all professional work and, more generally, in any public forum. This shall also apply where the work is carried out in jurisdictions outside of Alberta or Canada. In addition, local standards, human rights codes, including linguistics and cultural sensitivity shall be observed. Courtesy and politeness shall be the rule.