10K Casing Packer

10k casing packer


The Casing Packer is designed for high pressure applications, such as casing cement squeeze
repairs, acidizing treatments or fracturing of new zones. Incorporating a full opening internal
bypass system, along with carbide insert slips and hold down pistons, the Packer can hold
10,000 psi and can still fully bypass. The design allows for circulation through and around the
packer to spot treating fluid, or to circulate off cement or other debris.

Fully compatible with Retrievable Bridge Plugs, the 10K Casing Packer can easily be configured
to run in tandem, and perform multiple zone operations, or hunt for holes in the casing. Cement
squeeze repairs can then be performed immediately without any need to switch out tools.


  • IconMultiple J-Track configurations
  • IconFull open internal seal bypass
  • Icon10,000 psi (70MPA) rated from above and below
  • IconCarbide premium slips and hold down pistons
  • IconFull open bore design


  • IconDrill stem testing
  • IconTubing-conveyed perforating
  • IconAcidizing and injection operations
  • IconStimulations
  • IconFracking

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