M1-X Casing Packer

Double grip retrievable packer

m1-x casing packer


The M1-X Casing Packer is a mechanical set, retrievable casing packer used in well testing, injection and production applications.

The Packer features an internal bypass to reduce swabbing during the trip in and out of the well. The bypass closes during setting and opens before releasing the slips to equalize pressure. The packer can be set with the tubing in tension or compression and can be left in compression or tension after setting. The ability to set the packer with tension makes the M1-X ideal for shallow wells. The Packer is set and released by a quarter right-hand turn at the tool.


  • Icon7,500 psi pressure rating, some sizes available in 10,000 psi
  • IconOnly one-quarter right rotation is required to set and release
  • IconTubing string can be held in tension, compression or neutral set while the packer remains engaged
  • Icon275 degF temperature rating
  • IconField-proven releasing system
  • IconBypass valve is below upper slips so the debris is washed from slips when the valve is opened
  • IconCan be configured with carbide slips and drag blocks for premium casing


  • IconDrill stem testing
  • IconTubing-conveyed perforating
  • IconStimulations
  • IconFracking
  • IconAcidizing and injection operations
  • IconShallow wells

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