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ODIN Retrievable Bridge Plug

Medium-Expansion HPHT Retrievable Bridge Plug


ODIN™ is the only Medium-Expansion, V0, High-Pressure / High-Temperature (HPHT) Retrievable Bridge Plug (RBP) with sealing enabled by Northstar’s patented Stellar™ element backup technology, making it the most capable and operationally flexible RBP available. One tool model can service a broad range of casing sizes and weights without changing any parts.

Stellar™ is an industry-first Packer/RBP element support system that expands to make virtually uninterrupted metal-to-metal contact with the full circumference of the casing; combining unprecedented high-pressure sealing with large expansion. The ODIN™ can pass through wellbore restrictions like Subsurface Safety Valves (SCSSVs), damaged casing, nipple profiles, and casing patches, and seal 15,000 psi differential pressure in both directions. The ODIN™ RBP requires only one run of slick line, e-line, coiled tubing, or tubing to set. For safety, the retrieval requires two straight pull motions with minimal force on a standard GS profile. The first pull equalizes the differential pressure through a large bypass. Pulling a second time unsets the slips and sealing element. The element is pulled back to its original form (active element extension), ensuring the ODIN™ returns to its original OD.



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ODIN™ Medium-Expansion
HPHT Retrievable Bridge Plug


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