R-Type Casing Packer

Compression-set retrievable service packer

r-type casing packer


The R-Type Casing Packer is a mechanical set double grip service Packer used in production, stimulation and testing applications. The Packer features a large internal bypass flow path to prevent swabbing during the trip in or out of the well.

Tubing pressure acts against the balance piston and engages the collete to prevent the bypass from being opened during injection operations. Additionally, tubing pressure engages the hydraulic hold down buttons into the casing to prevent the Packer from being pumped out of the well.

The Packer is set by right-hand rotation and slacking off the required weight to pack off the annulus. To unset the Packer, pick up the string to open the bypass. Continue pulling until the string is free. The J-Body Mechanism will automatically reset to the run-in hole position.


  • IconRocker type slips
  • IconThree piece packing element system
  • IconLarge internal bypass valve reduces element swabbing
  • IconSimple set and release procedures
  • IconOptional left hand set J-body available
  • IconSlips with carbide inserts available
  • IconSurface controlled combination bypass and equalizing valve
  • IconTubing pressure actuated collet lock to eliminate excessive set down weight requirements
  • IconSets securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades


  • IconDrill stem testing
  • IconTubing-conveyed perforating
  • IconStimulations
  • IconFracking
  • IconAcidizing and injection operations

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