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Well Test Design & Interpretation

With experience testing over 7,000 wells around the world, you can be confident that we have seen all type of downhole environments.

Downhole Reservoir Testing

Whether the goal is determining reservoir pressure, permeability, skin, or productivity, our downhole technologies deliver the right answers.

Downhole Testing Tools

Selecting the right equipment for your downhole test string is key to efficiently meeting your test objectives and, accurately characterizing your reservoir.

Downhole Pressure Measurement

Precision and accuracy is critical! That is why we use industry leading gauges that deliver accurate, high-resolution pressure measurements in all operating environments.

Downhole Reservoir Sampling

Recover formation fluid samples at reservoir conditions with our industry leading PVT Sampler that offers controlled, uncontaminated sampling without flashing.

Wireless Telemetry

Immediate knowledge of your reservoir during a well test operation ensures that your objectives have been meet before the test is over.