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Drill Stem Test and Downhole Services

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When you contact Northstar, you’ll speak with a Downhole Specialist who understands your challenge. We determine your objectives and design a custom solution to meet your needs. Northstar is a process-driven, lean organization with a devotion to delivering the highest service quality. We measure quality on every job based on your satisfaction and the achievement of your objectives. Your success is our business!

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Injection tests for tight or low permeability formations.

Downhole Reservoir Testing (DST)

Reliable and proven drill stem test that accurately characterizes client reservoirs. We can determine reservoir pressure, permeability, skin and productivity.

Cased Hole DST

When a closed system is desirable due to a high pressure, high temperature environment, this set of tools can be run and activated using annular pressure.

Open Hole DST

Isolate and evaluate an interval before committing to running casing.

Closed Chamber Testing

A zero-emission and zero-flaring downhole well testing option

NorthstarLive! - Wireless Surface Readout (SRO)

When time-sensitive decisions are critical, you need live data, a Northstar Downhole Specialist and Live Analysis in the palm of your hand.

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