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Closed Chamber Testing

Zero-Flaring Well Testing

Northstar provides a zero-emission and zero-flaring well testing option with Closed Chamber Testing. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction during oil & gas production and testing is included as part of the 12th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Responsible Consumption and Production.

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Closed Chamber testing involves opening the Downhole Valve and flowing the reservoir fluid into the tubing/drill pipe volume with the wellhead or additional upper downhole valve closed. The flow rate is calculated from the rate of pressure increase measured at surface or transmitted wirelessly from downhole. This operation may be completed with both Open Hole and Cased Hole Down Hole Reservoir Tests (DSTs).

Closed Chamber Testing allows the measurement of the smallest flow rates with pinpoint accuracy, with flow rate and pressure data calculated to 1 kPa (0.145 psi). Representative produced fluid samples are captured with Down Hole Samplers for later laboratory analysis.

By eliminating flaring, a closed chamber test offers the additional benefits of added data security, minimized environmental impact, and safety.

Valuable buildup data is captured at the formation sandface with accurate downhole gauges when the lower downhole valve is closed.

All produced fluid is subsequently pumped back into formation (bullheaded) before releasing the packer(s) are recovering the tubing/drill pipe and downhole equipment.

The recorded pressure data and subsequent data analysis (Pressure Transient Analysis) provides important reservoir characterization parameters:

  • Reservoir
  • Pressure Permeability
  • Wellbore Damage/Skin
  • Deliverability
  • Flow Regime: How fluid flows to the wellbore over time eg. Through fractures or the permeable rock matrix.
  • Reservoir Boundaries


Drill Stem Tests can be conducted during or shortly after the drilling of a well (Open Hole DST) or after casing has been run (Cased Hole DST)

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