Open Hole: Inflate Straddle

The Inflatable Packer System isolates an open hole interval. It can be configured with one (Bottom Hole) or two packers (Straddle). The Inflate Straddle configuration is capable of multiple resets allowing independent testing or treatment of multiple intervals with one trip in the hole. Right hand rotation of the drill pipe or tubing at 20 – 60 rpm for 30 to 45minutes drives the Inflate Pump, which draws filtered annular fluid (drilling or completion fluid) through the Suction Screen and inflates the packers. Upward pull opens the Inflate Release deflating the Upper and Lower Packers. The process can be repeated for multiple intervals.

Northstar’s Inflatable Packer System is equipped with an integrated Bypass passage equalizes pressure above and below the interval to maintain well control (overbalance) and prevent skidding during testing and prevent swabbing while tripping in/out of hole.