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Short-hop Wireless Transceiver

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The Tiny Acoustic Gizmo (TAG) is the simplest and most versatile 2-way, short-hop communication device. The smallest TAG has only a ¾” diameter and runs on off-the-shelf batteries. TAG can communicate up to 150m through solid or liquid media (think Bluetooth through steel).  Multiple TAGs can be configured as repeaters to extend the range to several kilometers. Wireless communication eliminates the potential leaks from the high-pressure, feed-throughs needed for wired sensors in pipe and tanks or across complex downhole completions. You can send commands or collect sensor data virtually anywhere with surface integration to SCADA systems or integration with a downhole wireline modem.   



Outer diameter
0.75” (19 mm)
2.156” (55 mm)
27.89” (708 mm)
24.75” (629 mm)
Max. pressure, absolute
15 ksi (103.4 MPa)
Max. operating temperature
302°F (150°C) or 350°F (177°C) options available
Min. operating temperature
-40°F (-40°C)
Environmental service
Per ISO 15156:2020, to limits of Inconel 718
Mounting Interface
.5”-13 UN pin
1.062-10 UN pin
Battery life at 30s sample rate
48 hrs
300 hrs
Off-the-shelf, button-cap cells
Memory capacity
8 million samples, or 4 million with dual redundancy
Data Rate
Sample rate
Transmission rate
4 - 8 bps


  • Barrier Verification: Read pressure and temperature below a bridge plug
  • Live data on e-line or e-slickline.
    • Read live pressure and temperature immediately after setting with a TAG integrated into an e-setting tool.
    • Read live pressure and temperature prior to pulling with a TAG integrated into a GS pulling tool.
  • Record to memory on a slickline
    • Record pressure and temperature to memory after setting with a TAG integrated into a Baker E-4 setting tool.
    • Download pressure and temperature data below plug for interference testing.
  • Set multiple plugs in one trip: Wireless command actuation
    • Send a “set” command from surface to wirelessly trigger a battery-powered e-setting tool below a plug.
  • Repeaters
    • Re-transmit data to surface on jointed pipe.

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