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Downhole Actuator (DACT)

Short-hop Wireless Transceiver


Northstar’s Downhole Actuator (DACT) stands out as an exceptional downhole linear force generator, offering a range of 30,000 to 90,000 lb of force, depending on the tool size required. This innovative tool, free from explosives and lithium, serves a multitude of functions when combined with other tools. It can be used to set permanent or retrievable bridge plugs, packers, or straddles, puncture tubing or casing, retrieve stuck objects, actuate valves, centralize or dimple tubing, pinpoint leaks in tubing, and even cut pipes.

The force generation mechanism is controlled through a dedicated control module (PCM). Once activated, the DACT efficiently completes its task. When the job is done, the system is removed from the well. With a simple module change, the tool can be reset within minutes, ready for immediate use without the need for any further maintenance or cleaning.

The control module, powered by a disposable alkaline battery pack, is designed for a single setting operation per pack. Furthermore, the tool’s electronics are integrated into the control module, which is replaced with each run, enhancing service reliability by eliminating potential fatigue-related failures. The alkaline battery pack is user-friendly, easy to transport, recyclable, and poses no safety hazards at the wellsite.

TAG-enabled DACT: Wireless Actuation and Surface Readout The DACT has an optional configuration that includes a Q177 Quartz downhole gauge and the TAG (Tiny Acoustic Gizmo). The Q177 is a gound breaking advancement in downhole gauge technology, tailored to withstand the harshest operating conditions. The TAG is a compact, 2-way, short-hop acoustic communication device that can transmit signals up to 150 meters through solid or liquid media. This configuration allows surface control of multiple DACTs to complete multiple operations with one wireline intervention trip (eg. Set a plug and punch casing). The TAG-enable DACT can also collect data from below a plug for barrier verification (BVS) pressure testing. The DACT can be operated in real-time or memory mode and is compatible with various conveyance methods, including mechanical slickline, real-time slickline, electric line, coiled tubing, sucker rod, or jointed work string.


Outside Diameter
Tool Length
Outside Diameter
Tool Weight
66.20 lbs
Stroke Length
Stroke Speed x10"
0.50" per minute
Fish Neck
EL - 3.000" / SL -2.313"
Output Nominal Force
40,000 lbs
Output Maximal Force
50,0000 lbs
Maximum Operating Pressure
15,000 psi
Max Temp - Standard Tool
250°F for 8 hours 275°F for 6 hours
Max Temp - RAZORHEAT Tool
392°F for 12 hours 473° F for 6 hours
Upper Connection
Slickline: 11/6"
Sucker Rod Eline: 1 3/16"
Go Pipe: As Required
Lower Connection
Baker 10 Equivalent

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